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Basketball Same Game Parlay lets you create the bet you want on any Basketball game, including the NBA and NCAAB. You can select from the most popular markets and calculate the odds as each selection is added. For example, you can choose Spread, Money Line and Totals to create one straight bet with the price for the combined selections.
Bets created using this feature can also be included in parlays consisting of other Same Game Parlay bets or a combination of Same Game Parlay and non-Same Game Parlay selections. For example, you can build a bet on GS Warriors @ TOR Raptors and LA Clippers @ MIA Heat and place them as a Same Game Parlay 2-Team Parlay. You can then also add selection(s) from other Basketball games or any other sport to combine into one parlay.
How to build your parlay
You can make up to 12 selections to create your unique bet. Choose from a wide range of markets and props, including (when available on the selected game):
  • Spread
  • Money Line
  • Total
  • Alternative Spread
  • Alternative Total
  • Player Points
  • 1st Half Spread
  • 1st Quarter Spread
To create your Same Game Parlay, you will first need to navigate to your chosen game before selecting the Same Game Parlay feature from the header. You will then see all the available markets for your chosen game and your Same Game Parlay odds will be calculated with every selection. Once you have added all your selections, you can then add them to your bet slip and select your wager.
After your bet is placed and confirmed, it can be viewed within My Bets. You can also select 'Reuse Selections' to instantly add your previous selections to the Same Game Parlay coupon, allowing you to easily create new combinations.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Basketball Same Game Parlay is available on all Basketball games, excluding Big 3 or 3x3 matches.
  2. A maximum of 12 markets from a single game can be included in a Same Game Parlay bet.
Exclusions and Bets Deemed No Action
  1. Same Game Parlay bets cannot be included in Banker, If Bet, Reverse If Bet, Parlay Cards, Teasers or Fixed Teaser Cards.
  2. Edit Bet will not be available on any Same Game Parlay bet.
  3. If a market within a Same Game Parlay bet is deemed no action or results in a push, then the entire Same Game Parlay bet will be pushed – e.g. if your Player Prop selection does not play, the entire bet will be deemed no action regardless of the outcome of other selections.
  1. bet365 will not be responsible if the Same Game Parlay feature is not available for technical reasons.
  2. bet365 reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Same Game Parlay bet if the bet or a selection within the bet is settled in error.
  3. bet365 reserves the right to accept or decline any bet requested for any competition or market or bet type that is included in the Same Game Parlay feature.
  4. bet365 reserves the right to amend, suspend or remove the Same Game Parlay feature (or any part of it) at any time for any event, fixture, market or customer.
  5. bet365 reserves the right to remove the Same Game Parlay feature for any customer or group of customers where it has reasonable grounds to believe that the customer or group of customers is misusing the feature.
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